Books, Books, Books! Where to Buy College Textbooks at IU?


IU Classifieds can be found on Onestart (Its on the left side towards the bottom under 'Most Popular.' IU Classifieds has ads for Books, tickets(mostly for Basketball around this time of year!), furniture, jobs, roommates, carpools, and just what ever you want to put an ad up for. Its a great way to find cheap things for yourself on campus.  I use it for books. Now that we are reaching the start of a new semester we are all trying to scrape up money for what may be gone during the holidays to buy $40 -$100 books that we will use for a semester. I bought two of my books for $20 and those used books were $57 and $92 (and that how much the used one would cost)!


Before you run to the IU Bookstore or T.I.S Bookstore make sure you check online which place would have the cheaper book. For one of my books I could rent it for $34.20 at IU Bookstore or $35.30 at T.I.S now that $1.10 may not seem like that bg of a deal but your in college SAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU CAN>>>>>EVERY PENNY COUNTS! At those bookstores, renting used books are always cheapest solutions. After that comes renting new books, buying used books, and then buying new books.  But that doesn't mean that they have the cheapest books. Make sure you also check online, you can even rent books from Barnes and Noble and Amazon!

Have Fun Buying books!

xoxo SC

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