13 Questions with Hoosier Ash

After I sent Ashley her questions I noticed one big mistake... there are 13 not 12 questions so its 13 questions with Hoosiers! 

Wll anyways This Chick is a dear to my heart and I have already blogged about her one too many times....She is My What's New Co-Host and my personal cheerleader and "mom" here on campus... Ladies and Gents I introduce Ashley Martinez: 

1.      Where you from and what are the coolest things about it?

Las Vegas, NV. The international culture there is AMAZING! Hello Thai food!

2.      What's your major and why did you choose it.

Entrepreneurship and International Business. I want to start my own business that stabilizes international nonprofits 

3.      Why did you choose IU?

Kelley School of Business and Fry Scholarship

4.      What is your favorite thing about being a HOO HOO HOO Hoosier?

 Cheering the Hoosiers on at football games with my besties Sara-Claire and Katelin

5.      What is your favorite thing about campus?

 I love that when the weather is nice because I can do homework while lounging on a tree by the Jordan River.

6.      Where is your favorite place to study on campus and Why.

Haha, it's as if I foretold this question. The trees by the Jordan River :)

7.      Where is the best place to get food on campus?

Bueno at Gresham

8.      Any class recommendations?


9.      Where do you see yourself in 4 years.

Starting my masters degree.

10.     What is the coolest out of the ordinary yet  interesting thing about you.

My favorite shows are South Korean romantic comedies. 

11.     Tell me something that you learned about yourself during your time here at IU.

 I like to nap A LOT!

12.     What advice would you give to a senior in high school.


13.     Describe IU in one word (Hoosier doesn't count).


Make sure to check out her blog /blog/ashley-martinez A.K.A where the What's New IU post go!.... Sorry about the three week Hiatus with What's New IU... honestly we have been so busy I had to email Ashley her questions! We look forward to the new yeaar and the new videos!!!... Good Luck to All on Exams! 

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