12 Questions with Hoosier Katelin

You All should know KC by now,  I normally call her the Tech Gal because she is a godsend for What's New...always helping the show look better each and every week! Well I guess its time to know a little more about her: 

Where are you from and what is the coolest thing about it?

Lafayette, Indiana...We have the Feast of the Hunter's Moon everywhere which is a colonial reenactment

What’s your major and Why did you choose it

Undecided Business.... Was Business Manager of yearbook staff and really liked it 

Why did you choose IU 

Kelley School Businss, Scholarships, and In-state

What is your favorite thing about being a HOO HOO HOO Hoosier

Sara- Claire

What is your favorite thing about  the campus

There are a lot of Trees 

Where is your favorite place to study on campus and Why

Dorm because there is a bed.... I like sitting on Beds

Where Is the best place to get food on campus

McNutt C-Store .. Sandwiches Amazing

Any class recommendations?

If you have to take finite take Liuvi Ilimca, He is funny and crazy Romanian

Where do you see yourself in 4 years 

Graduated hopefuly with a job

What is the coolest, most out of the ordinary yet  interesting thing about you

I'm told I'm undescribable.. the only way people can describe me is using my first name

Tell me something that you learned about yourself during your time here at IU

I apreciate my family a lot more

What advice would you give to a senior in high school

Keep your grades up... take APs

Describe IU in one word  (Hoosier doesn’t count)


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Sara Claire GaspardClass of 2016, Evanston, IL