A little about me

Good morning IU! My name is Sandra Salcedo and I am a senior majoring in Public and Non-Profit Management in SPEA. I was born and raised in Santa Ana, CA (Orange County) up until I finished sophomore year in high school at which point my family and I moved to Indianapolis, IN. You might be thinking, "WHY?" just like everyone else that I tell this story to, but I haven't looked back since I fell in love with IUB.

One of the most amazing experiences I have had as an IU student, has been participating in the Women's Little 500. I rode for Mezcla Women's Cycling freshman and sophomore year and then student coached last year as a junior. I am student coaching once again this year and I cannot wait to get the rookies and the entire team ready to race, come April 20th at Bill Armstrong Stadium.

I have always been involved with university life, spending two years as an RA at Eigenmann from sophomore to junior year, and now as a Special Events Coordinator for the Office for Women's Affairs (OWA). They provide so many great services for women staff, faculty, and students not just on campus, but in the Bloomington community as well.

I was also a volunteer for Fair Trade Bloomington. I helped to raise awareness about fair trade and educating students on how they could help local artists around the world make a decent living (you may have seen our tables at Ballantine). Now, I am a student mentor for Bloomington High school South Latino students at El Centro Communal Latino.

Although I have not been able to study abroad, I have recently been notified of a possible opportunity to leave for the Peace Corps sometime this summer. I am still not sure where I would be going but I am nominated to teach English, so I will keep you all updated on what ends up happening in the coming months!

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