One Year Ago... Reflections on my Freshman Year at IU

They say there is nothing quite like Bloomington in the summer. And while there is a quietness about campus and summer feel to the air, there was one thing I never figured. All the incoming freshman. Seeing them running about with red bags and parents reminds me of when I was in their place exactly one year ago.

When I was in their shoes I never saw myself staying here over the summer, and I think that just goes to show that no matter how well thought out your plans are, college life is going to be different from what you expect. I went into freshman year knowing my major, my life goals, and a few friends. While those basic ideas have stayed the same, that doesn't mean that my first year followed any sort of plan.

So I figured it would be nice to outline some basic things about going to college.

  • First off, expect change. You are going to a new home in (for many people) a new city. College life is just not the same as high school life. You may lose friends, you will most certainly gain new ones. Your sleep schedule is going to vary from day to day and from semester to semester. But change is a good thing, it keeps life interesting and college is most definitely going to be one of the most interesting things you do.
  • Don't plan too far ahead. Its great if you have an idea of what you want to do with your life, and what your major is. However this doesn't mean you are set in stone. Let your interests fluctuate, look into minors, consider different options while at IU. There are so many great ways to experience the world around you and you never know what could end up peaking your interest.
  • Not everything is going to go your way. Some days it will rain on you. Sometimes your tests will seem unbearable. There will come times where you just don't know how you will survive college. But these are not going to be everyday. Try to remember the good times, and keep your head up. College is meant to be challenging, but it should also be some of the best years of your life.

Freshman year was one of the greatest times of my life, but I remember what if felt like to be in the shoes of someone at orientation. Look forward to college, but don't get stuck in an "imagined" year. Leave some things up to chance, and get ready for a great time!

About The Author
Samantha HarveyChemistry Major, Class of 2016

Hi, I'm Sam. So this is my blog where I'll be dropping off stories and advide from my experiences at IU. I love the sciences, and am a chemistry major set to graduate in 2016. I also have a math minor and may pick up a physics major (who knows?). I am a geek and a nerd (and proud of it!). Like many other people I enjoy the internet and TV shows. On top of that I enjoy music, both playing (clarinet and piano), and listening. My shelves are filled with knick knacks and books.

Here's to a good time!