Majoring in People and Minoring in Sex

Hello again!

So today I was sitting in my Gender, Sexuality, and Pop Culture class listening to my professor talk about vampire sex and I thought to myself, "Damn, I love my classes."

So here's a piece of advice: find a major you really love.

I came to IU as a History major and figured out almost immediately that was not what I wanted to do. I ended up becoming a Human Development and Family Studies major only two months into my freshman year. This semester I took all classes for my major and one for my minor (Human Sexuality) and I knew by the end of the first week that I had chosen the right course of study. Everything about my classes interests me and all of my professors are really cool. 

Also, on the subject of minors, they can be cool too. I'm minoring in Human Sexuality, possibly the most awesome minor ever. Even if you aren't in HPER, I strongly recommend taking Human Sexuality as an elective. It's a pretty easy class and you talk about stuff you would normally never talk about. And don't be afraid to take it because you think people will think you are a pervert or a weirdo or something, most people will be super jealous you even got in because the class is so popular.

Plus, I got a condom necklace, so that's a perk.

Have a great Spring Break!

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