I Believe Introductions Are in Order

Hello Hoosiers!

My name is Sami, I'm a freshman from Illinois living in McNutt this year. I'm majoring in Human Development and Family Studies, minoring in Human Sexuality (scandalous, I know). I am also a sister in Theta Phi Alpha, the newest sorority on campus, which is pretty friggin awesome if you ask me.

I am also the biggest nerd ever. Seriously. I'm in the Harry Potter club on campus (we are called Harry Potter Society and we meet every Sunday 5:30-6:30 in Woodburn 106 in case anyone is interested), and I also really love Dr. Who. Hopefully some people reading this post are like "zomg me too!" and I'm not alone in my nerdness.

But when I'm not being a supernerd, I am loving the college life. Usually on weekends I hang out with friends and go to frat parties. I mean come on, they are super fun and the drinks are free! Plus sometimes my sorority is paired with the frat and we have themes. For example, we are paired with a frat tomorrow and the theme is 'morning after.' I think it's gonna be a lot of fun!

In case anyone wants to know what I look like...

I'm the one in the grey Indiana tee. The other girl is my friend and 'twin' Kelsey. With the haircuts I think we look weirdly alike.

Anyway it's 2 am and I should probably be getting to sleep, but I'll put up another post soon that is hopefully way less awkward and way more awesome.

Until then, Stay Classy, Bloomington.

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