Top 20 Things to Do Before Graduating from IU

I will be an IU graduate in one month! It goes by very, very fast! Before coming to IU, my sister who is an IU graduate gave me a "top 20 things you should do before graduating from IU." I decided to make my own top 20 because I love making lists & have had many great experiences & opportunities.  Some of them are the same from my sister's list & some of the them are fond memories I have made on my own. A sort of bucket list for the IU student. I was able to check mark them all off & I'm so thankful for my time here. 

1. Attend an IU basketball game.

2. Read a book or study in the Arboretum.

3. Order Pizza X at 3 am.

4. See a show, concert &/or performance at the IU auditorium & go see an improv show in the Union!

5. Play in the Showalter fountain (in front of the auditorium). 

6. Go up to the stacks of the Herman B. Wells library & make out with someone special!

7. Take a class at the SRSC - they're fun!

8. Tailgate for a football game.

9. Take a recreational course ( I took sailing!).

10. Sample the special drinks at the bars. I recommend: AMF from Upstairs, Dirty Bird from Bluebird, Sink the Biz at Nick's, Hairy Bear from Bear's.

11. Take summer classes - stay in Btown for the summer & take a course they're much shorter & can be a lot easier.

12. Attend a Little 5 race.

13. Move at least 3 times while at IU (house, apartment, dorm- try it all!)

14. Get a part-time job - preferably on-campus like Rec Sports!

15. Take a nap & study at the Union - & try a cookie from Sugar & Spice in the Union.

16. Try at least every restaurant in Bloomington - especially 4th street.

17. Visit Bloomington's Lake Lemon, Monroe & Griffy!

18. Put your feet up on the IU Museum of Art at night & watch the light show.

19. Get active in a student organization - it can be anything (I'm a DJ for WIUX, a feminist for Women's Student Association & a nonprofit lover with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance - there is something for everyone!)

20. Study abroad - it'll be a great experience!

Just remember to have fun & know that classes aren't everything. Don't slack off but remember many of these experiences you will never have the chance to do when you're out in the "real world." Make the most of it!

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