Study Abroad= the best experience you will find

I decided to "study abroad" through the Washington Leadership Program (WLP) in SPEA my second semester junior year. I interned in Washington, DC, with a nonprofit organization called Advocates for Youth, which advocates & educates youth on sexual & reproductive health. It was the best experience I've had through IU. I'm so glad I took the chance of not knowing anyone, having only been to DC once & not being knowledgable on the issue of sexual & reproductive health at all. I ended up loving DC & decided to extend my internship in the summer (stayed for a total 7 months).

I hope to be back after I graduate & work in a nonprofit in youth development. I ended up having a great passion for the education of youth in sexual & reproductive health. & the people in WLP became my new family. Back at IU we still keep in touch & are great friends- I'm even dating someone from the program  now. This experience changed my life and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I hope everyone considers studying abroad (even if it's in the US).

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