A Not-So-Typical Elevator Speech

Hi everyone I'm Emily Kitchen! Welcome to my IU blog! As my title says I'll give you a quick elevator speech...I'm from Westfield, Indiana. I'm a senior majoring in SPEA in Nonprofit Management with a minor in Human Resources and receiving the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance certificate. I'm also Secretary of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NPLA) student organization on campus. We volunteer in many places in the community but I reguarly volunteer at Girls Inc. I'm also involved with the Women's Student Association heading up an event and WIUX pure student radio as a DJ. Promotion: I deejay Tuesdays 1-2pm & play lots of indie, electronic, rock music- check it out at wiux.org! I have worked part-time at Campus Recreational Sports in member services for three years.

When I'm not studying, working, volunteering, going to student organizations I like to watch IU basketball, go to new btown restaurants/bars, and hanging out with friends and experiencing new opportunities and events. I can't wait to share my story and experiences with you all! As a senior I am doing everything I can before I graduate in May. I'm excited to know what is next for me, but I'm sad to leave this beautiful campus and everything IU has offered me. During my blog I will share: my study abroad experience interning in Washington, DC, getting a part-time job, taking summer classes, finding a student organization you are passionate about, getting an internship, how to find a job after graduation (well hopefully I will be able to!), fitting in at the dorms, Little 5 experience, Bloomington sports, the campus experience & much more.

I have named my blog risk nothing, risk everything because this is one of my favorite parts of a quote. I truly believe if you are afraid to try something you will risk having a once in a lifetime experience. I don't regret anything because I have done everything I've wanted to while I've been in college. I feel a need to give back to IU for giving me the chance to do this. I hope by sharing this will give you (especially prospective IU students) an opportunity to do anything you set your mind to! 

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