No Idea

I am a junior and have changed my official major three times. I have changed what I want to do with my life probably a hundred times.

How is anyone supposed to definitively proclaim what they know they will be happy doing for the rest of their lives? There are so many degree programs, but how many "life programs" are there? Infinity and beyond.

College costs so much money and people say to get a degree is something that will makes you lots of money. I believe this is wise advice but at the end of the day, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

This is a general statement that has fallen multiple times on deaf ears.

I know I am not old by ANY means, but I definitely have different ideals than I did at 18. Find something, anything, that will make you money and leave you satisfied and fulfilled in your everyday. It is important to grow every aspect of your life, not just your bank account.

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