Finding Balance

Life is so simple when you are little. You can't comprehend the reasoning behind divorce and you never pinch that area between your hips and lower back in disgust. 

If ignorance is bliss, why go to college and attempt to be the smartest "you" you can be?

Sometimes I wonder if going to college has given me this false sense of security that is reassured by the use of meal points and endless episodes of "Storage Wars." In this collegiate atmosphere of lust, failure, and hard work, I have realized there is no such thing as the "typical college experience."

What I have experienced thus far is that coffee and Facebook are essentials for a large demographic of youthful academics. Why, in the world, do these obsessions draw such a crowd? 

They induce excitement, increase heart rate, and/or give you an adrenaline rush. These simple assets to most peoples' lives are the little escapes from a mundane lecture or agonizing work meeting. 


I have to constantly remind myself I am here for school to get a degree. My internship takes up a large portion of my time, along with being a Resident Assistant and Teacher Assistant. College life is often portrayed as this awesome, fun, care free alternate reality where one happens to get a job after 4 years of eternal bliss.

Also, with college costing more than a few doll hairs, why would one not want to attend class? Well, Facebook and coffee are only the gateway vices to a life filled with video games, shopping, or skipping class just to sleep.

I have been guilty of putting too much time into my extra curricular activities and realizing that craming for a test in college is not the same as in high school.

Moral of the story, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE or PUT ALL YOUR TIME AND ENERGY INTO NON ACADEMIC ENDEAVORS. I promise you can still have fun and study every night.

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