Function Brewing, a unique addition to Bloomington's downtown scene

Function Brewing located on East Sixth Street offers new experiences to the food gurus and beer junkies of Bloomington.

Fashioning beer is considered a timeless art at Function Brewing. The name Function Brewing derives from the act of producing home-brew, and its variability. A Function is an action in order to arrive at a new outcome when a specific variable is thrown into the mix, and until you choose a unique variable and run the equation, you often don't know what the outcome may be.

Function's website describes its approach on brewing as "...exploring and taking risks...We’re lovers of all varieties, so we won’t be focusing on specific styles, but will rather brew what our hearts desire."

Alongside beer, Function extends its artistic approach to its menu.

Crafting all the food by hand in a small kitchen, Function creates a dining experience like no where else I've found in Bloomington. Its concise menu, consisting of mainly sandwiches, soups and various appetizers, specializes in what it serves. The dining experience I had in Function Brewing reminds me of restaurants in Nashville, TN. The combination of the spacious, contemporary all-wood layout, welcoming bar and specialty menu truly creates a dining experience rather than just a meal.

For more information about Function Brewing, visit their website!

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