Group Projects

This is a very important aspect in every college student’s life. Everybody goes through it. It can be hard for some people but very easy on the other hand for most others. Regardless, with some prior knowledge and tips, everyone can make the most of it and learn a lot from their peer groups. I have personally had to be in groups with different sets of people and it has not only made me a lot of new things, but also given me an opportunity to make some new friends and understand the living and working pattern of different people around me. The following are some tips on how to work on college group projects in a more collaborative and cohesive way:

  1. Choose your group members wisely.

  2. Set roles and goals early.

  3. Figure out the best means of communication.

  4. Allow a time cushion at the end of your schedule.

  5. Arrange for periodic check-ins, deadlines, and updates before putting the final project together.

  6. Take the lead and allow time for someone to go over the final project.

  7. Know that its OK to talk to your professor if not everyone is pitching in.

  8. Don’t be afraid to ask your professor for help.

  9. Stay positive and do not stress out too much.

  10. Have realistic and beneficial deadlines and expectations.

About The Author
Rajdeep Dalmia

Information Science Major. Economics and Psychology Minor. IU'17.