The Power of Student Organizations

Being an International Student, I came to IU with one single goal. I heard people talk about getting involved on campus, joining student organizations, working at RPS Café but for me it was all one single thing…to get into the Kelley School of Business. It required a sincere effort and commitment to achieve that feat, and by the end of freshmen year, I felt contended that I was living my dream of being part of one of the most prestigious business school.

I spoke to professors and met people with the same majors that helped me broaden my outlook. I realized that getting into the Kelley School of Business was not the end; it was just a new beginning. Lucky to have access to such wide resources, I spoke to my career counselor. She guided me on how to approach my sophomore year. The best piece of advice she gave me was to join student organizations.

I joined a business organization and to my surprise I was elected into the executive board. To be honest, I was a bundle of nerves. I could feel the responsibility surging within me. I am still a part of that organization, currently at the role of Vice President. I believe that the confidence it gave me helped me build relationships with people from other organizations and majors.

From there it was no looking back, I am now part of two other business clubs and hold positions in the executive board. It has definitely reiterated my belief that college is not about the grades you make, but about the hands you shake. Being actively involved with student organizations has given me a new perspective and I feel privileged to have a network of people on whom I can rely on. The comfort level amongst my colleagues has surely made IU a home away from home for me. 

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About The Author
Rajat GargInternational Student Ambassador

I am a Junior at Kelley School of Business. My intended majors are Finance and Technology Management. I am an International Student at IU. Through the 20 years I have spent in India, I have worked with people with different backgrounds, ideas and talents. I believe it inculcated in me an ability to adapt to different learning and working environments. My experience at IU has been amazing so far. I can definitely call this place my 'home away from home'.