How to Handle Bloomington Winters

Winter in Indiana can be very hard to handle if you don’t have all your necessary winter gear. Indiana University has a lot of international students from all around the world. So, naturally, a lot of people have never experienced winters like these. In Bloomington, the temperatures have fallen as low as -22F. And more than the snow, it is the strong winds that can get you. That is why it is very important to be mentally and physically prepared.

First things first, always have your thick winter jacket and snow boots at the ready. Keeping your face, throat, and fingers warm is a must to keep your blood circulation going and prevent dry and cut skin due to the cold. Keep your ears covered with earmuffs or a beanie. On those days when the chill factor in the wind is more powerful, make sure you wear thermals under your clothing. 

Another great way to be prepared for the weather outside is to always track the weather app on your phones. That way even if one minute the weather is all bright and shiny, and the next minute you get trapped in a thunderstorm, at least you would have carried your umbrella. 

Most importantly always mentally prepare yourself for the cold because it takes as much for your strength of mind, as proper dressing to brave Bloomington winters.

About The Author
Rajat GargInternational Student Ambassador

I am a Junior at Kelley School of Business. My intended majors are Finance and Technology Management. I am an International Student at IU. Through the 20 years I have spent in India, I have worked with people with different backgrounds, ideas and talents. I believe it inculcated in me an ability to adapt to different learning and working environments. My experience at IU has been amazing so far. I can definitely call this place my 'home away from home'.