Teter's Tight: Top Ten Facts About the Best Place to Live at IU

Above: Me, loving the Teter Life.

Here are the Top Ten reasons you should love Teter Quad.

  1. Teter Quadrangle is named after a lady named Nellie Showers Teter, who, besides having an undeniably awesome name, was the first woman on the IU Board of Trustees. Her mission was to improve housing for female students. You go, girl!
  2. Teter is quite literally smack dab in the middle of campus. It's a 5 minute walk to the SRSC, 7 to Woodburn Hall, and 10 to Ballantine Hall. You simply can't beat the location.
  3. Teter has stops for almost every bus route, including my personal favorite, the 9 bus, which of course goes to the mall. 
  4. The accommodations in Teter (especially in Rabb) are beyond the norm. A marble lobby, huge study lounge (aka the NST), movie theatre...and that's just the first floor! The rooms are spacious with tons of storage and air conditioning--which pretty much saved my life the first couple of weeks this year. 
  5. The RA's this year in Teter have such enthusiasm for the building that it's contagious! They are always helpful and kind.
  6. The staff at Teter rule, too. The front desk staff are funny and helpful, and the custodial staff will definitely help you if you get locked out of your room in nothing but a towel (not that I would know...). 
  7. While there isn't a food court or C-store in Teter, it is approximately 10 steps from Wright food court, with the C-store on the bottom floor. It's also right on the way to classes, and the coffee at Wright is hot every single morning.
  8. Teter is home to some great Academic Support Centers (ASCs) where you can get free help with certain topics or tutoring. Plus, they're open late so you can fit them into your busy schedule
  9. The Quad itself in Teter (the grassy lawn-ish part) is really awesome, no matter what season. In the summer, the volleyball court was rockin', for the fall people are always playing football outside, and in the winter you already know people will be sledding and having snowball fights out there all the time. It's a great place to relax and have fun.
  10. Two words: private bathrooms. 

Current student?

Try not to be too jealous.

Prospective Student?

Take a tour when you visit. Teter surely won't disappoint.

Former Student?

Remember those awesome times you had at Teter Quad? Yeah, those sure were great.

That pretty much sums up why Nellie Showers Teter Quadrangle is the best place to live on campus. Now, who wants to go throw the pigskin on the quad?

For the official page of Teter, visit http://www.rps.indiana.edu/teterrescenter.cfml?subpage=gallery

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