Intensive Freshman Seminars (IFS)

Every incoming freshmen should strongly consider participating in an Intensive Freshman Seminar. For me, this program was the perfect way to start college and set me up for success at IU.

This year, IFS starts two weeks before the fall semester. During those two weeks, you can earn 3-credit hours in an interesting course, connect with IU professors, and meet new people before 40,000 other students come to campus. 

Although the word "intensive" makes the program seem intimidating and ending your summer a few weeks early sounds less than ideal, participating in IFS was undoubtedly worth it to me. I took a course called The Critical Issue: Philosophy, Film, and Music. The course not only eased me into taking a full college course load at the start of the fall semester, but made me realize an interest I had in film studies, which I now study as part of my second concentration in Communication and Culture. The courses offered are unique and only taught during IFS, and class size is kept small to allow for one-on-one time with professors. 

The program also helped me get acclimated to the campus and Bloomington. Before the school year even started, I had already eaten at several of the multi-cultural restaurants on 4th Street, attended an opera at the MAC, and best of all, I could walk to all my classes when the real school year started without a map plastered to my face.

There is much more information available on the IFS website. Sign up and jump start your IU career!

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