Spring has Sprung

Maybe it was setting the clocks back an hour for Daylight Savings Time or maybe it's the fact that the entire past week has had warmer temps, but either way it is finally starting to feel like SPRING. While I am sad to see Spring Break come to an end, heading back to campus to wrap up the spring semester knowing the end is in sight is much more bearable now that springtime is here. 

Here are my top 5 favorite things about spring at IU!

1. March Madness- a. IUBB has a chance this year b. some of the best matchups in the country happen c. there is a continuous stream of NCAA basketball for a few weeks d. we live in Indiana, how can you not be obsessed with basketball in March!?

2. More daylight- when the sun is up longer, I am SO much more productive. I love cozy wintry days, but being able to stay out later in the sunshine is SUCH a welcome change.

3. IU's campus- this place is by far one of the most beautiful places you can be this time of year. It's always so refreshing to see all the flowers bloom and green reappear. The groundskeepers do such a wonderful job of sprucing up campus this time of year.

4. Less layering- getting ready for class just got SO much easier. No bulky coats and boots in spring, just slip on sandals and a t-shirt and shorts and you're good to go. This goes double for work-out gear; running in springtime takes significantly less planning than dressing to go run in the snow in winter!

5. Little 500- need I say more???

What are you looking forward to about spring?

I'll be writing back in Btown!

About The Author
Rachel HartogJournalism Major, Class of 2014, Georgetown, IN

I am a journalism major and business minor and plan to graduate in May 2014. Some of my best experiences in life have been because of IU, including studying abroad, meeting great people, and having an awesome internship

After I graduate, I hope to get into the broadcast journalism field, either traveling as a field reporter or getting to cover local events. I'm still exploring what specific area interests me but am open to just about anything!

I am looking forward to sharing all of my experience and everything that makes IU such a great place to be on this blog!