One Month to London: A Study Abroad Program

It's hard to believe, but in exactly one month, I will be stepping off a plane in London, England to begin an eight-week internship and study abroad program!

I know the next month will fly by, with Easter this weekend, final projects and papers, and of course the whole week of Little 5.

Final preparations for the program are wrapping up. Yesterday I sent in all the documents for my travel visa, and the next big hurdle will be figuring out what to pack. In fact, that might be the biggest challenge for me of all. Eight weeks in one little suitcase, all under 50 pounds? I'm not so sure it will add up...

Honestly, even if I forget a ton of stuff, I think I will have the time of my life. I have several friends studying abroad in the UK now who will still be there when I am, and several more coming from other universities for other summer study abroad programs. Needless to say, I have a feeling I will really enjoy the familiar faces while I'm there! I've never been to Europe and I think it will be a great experience. 

I can't speak from experience yet, but I just want to encourage anybody who has the slightest desire to travel or study abroad to look into it while you're at IU. I have been amazed (and relieved) to find out just how easy it is and how WORTH it to start looking early. I had my eye on this program ever since my freshman year, and that made the process a lot smoother in the long run. 

IU has so many great programs all over the world and if you think traveling abroad might be something you want to do, there really is no better time than college. And IU has plenty of opportunities! As always, it really is the best ;)

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter :)

About The Author
Rachel HartogJournalism Major, Class of 2014, Georgetown, IN

I am a journalism major and business minor and plan to graduate in May 2014. Some of my best experiences in life have been because of IU, including studying abroad, meeting great people, and having an awesome internship

After I graduate, I hope to get into the broadcast journalism field, either traveling as a field reporter or getting to cover local events. I'm still exploring what specific area interests me but am open to just about anything!

I am looking forward to sharing all of my experience and everything that makes IU such a great place to be on this blog!