Movie Review: Hunger Games, Totally Worth the Hype

So while the rest of the campus was busy at Little 5's qualifying races last Saturday, I got to go see one of the best movies I've been to in a looong time. By now I'm sure you've all heard about The Hunger Games, and I would just like to add my two cents that IT IS A MUST SEE. Here are the reasons I liked it and things to think about if you're going to watch it:

  1. I read all 3 books last summer and was swept away by the sheer creativity of the series. It truly is a different reality and the first-person narrative envelops the reader from the very beginning. This made the movie that much more exciting for me, and I was able to follow the plot line right from the beginning. (And, just like in the book series, was left hanging off the edge of my seat at the end!)
  2. The actors NAILED it. I now love Jennifer Lawrence (she's from my hometown ,so I'm biased!) and thought she captured the lead role perfectly. Also, I can't WAIT for the second movie because I want to see more of Gale... Liam Hemsworth is worthy of a LOT more screen time in my opinion :)
  3. Refreshing plot line. This is a not-so-subtle jab at the Twilight series where the "heroine" gives up the only life she knows for a guy- oops, I mean vampire- and a very clingy/controlling vampire at that. Yay for the Hunger Games plot line that centers on action rather than a love story (for once)!
  4. Accurate portrayal of the novel. This is a tough thing to nail when you're producing  a movie on a hit book series. I'm definitely a believer that the book is almost always going to trump the film adaptation. In this case, they didn't try too hard and honestly, the Panem I saw on the screen was the Panem I had pictured in my head the entire time I was reading the novels. It was so refreshing and fun to see the story played out in a way that matched what I saw in my head!
  5. Costumes!!! Halloween 2012 anyone? The Capitol was so fun and just outlandish enough to bring their world to life, but still makes me want to play dress-up should the chance ever arise. Plus, Katniss's costumes for the Hunger Games lived up to the hype that they had in the book, and I wasn't sure they would be able to pull that off.

So there's my Friday five as to why you should go see this movie. I'm not sure what it'd be like if you hadn't read the books...I've heard some say it's really confusing if you don't have a good grasp on the story. Regardless, I laughed, I cried, I sat in suspense/wonder/awe for a couple hours and loved every minute. What more could you want from a movie?!



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