Japanee Fire Footage From WTIU

For many Hoosier students, Japanee is a beloved sushi restaurant in downtown Bloomington. It's right on Walnut and across from Kilroy's, and a regular hotspot for dinner or late-night bites. Monday morning, there was a devastating fire at Japanee that closed down part of the street for a couple hours. They still don't know the cause of the fire, but it did cause some heavy damage.

What's particularly devastating is that Japanee was recently remodeled over the summer, and now it is closed for repairs just from the fire. At WTIU, we were able to get some live footage from the fire as it burned early Monday morning. I thought I would post our newsbreak from Monday here in case anyone wanted to see it! Hopefully we will have answers soon about the cause so that nothing like this happens again. 

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