E-Texts Being Used More and More at IU

Last spring, after several semesters of pilot studies and trial periods, IU launched its E-Text Initiative, a program that provides digital versions of textbooks that are available to students online. Professors can choose to provide an e-textbook for their course as an option, and it seems more and more are choosing to do so.

There are some great advantages to the e-text program, like...

  • MUCH cheaper (about 35% of the average price of a textbook)
  • You have access to the material for as long as you are enrolled as a student at IU (undergraduate AND graduate years)
  • You can access the material on many mobile devices and download it so you don't have to be connected to the Internet
  • It includes features to highlight and take notes, and also a setting that can allow you to share notes with your classmates/professor and see theirs as well
  • Print feature--if you are more hands-on, you can print off certain pages, your notes, or the whole book if you want. You can also request a paper version that is still usually cheaper than the original hardcopy would have been. 

However, like most changes, some IU faculty and students are having a tough time adjusting to digital learning. Some say it's harder to focus, and also that there's not sufficient training on how to utilize all of the features that the e-texts program offers.

I did a piece for WTIU News where I got to talk to the leader of the E-Text Initiative here, Nik Osborne, and I hope it provides more context to the situation. I think once students get the hang of e-texts and professors learn how to use them better in the classroom, they will be a great resource and an AWESOME way to cut costs for students. 

Check out the video if you're interested in learning more! 

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