Winter at IU: A Guide To Staying Warm

Winter at IU

Here it comes, the mornings keep getting chillier and chillier, and we’re anxiously waiting for those snowflakes to fall (though we did get a little preview on Halloween night). Some of us come from climates similar to Bloomington, but here’s some tips for keeping warm this winter as a reminder for those of you who have experienced it before and a guide for those who haven’t.

1. Invest in a winter jacket or coat

This one might seem pretty obvious, but it’s crucial to your survival! Make sure you have a winter coat, something warm and insulated. Remember, not all warm coats leave you looking like a marshmallow, and we’ll all be too cold and jealous of your warmth to ever judge you for looking like a marshmallow if you do! Places like LL Bean, Burlington Coat Factory, and The North Face all sell nice warm outerwear.

2. Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

I know from experience that there is nothing more annoying than your mom nagging you about putting on a hat before going outside, but it isn’t a bad idea! There’s nothing worse than chilly fingers and ears. You can even purchase IU themed hats’ scarves, and gloves in the IU bookstore.

3. Lots of Layers

Another important aspect to staying warm in the winter weather is layering what is underneath your coat! I’m personally a fan of wearing leggings under a pair of jeans to keep my legs extra warm. It’s really easy to layer sweaters over long sleeves and t-shirts as well. It always helps to throw on more than one pair of socks, too!

4. Boots

Boots are essential for getting around campus in the snow and ice. Snow boots are a good idea, but they are not the only options! Girls can also wear combat boots or insulated rain boots as a cute alternative. Just make sure whatever you chose to wear as winter footwear has traction on the bottom to prevent you from slipping.

5. Warm drinks

It’s always nice to warm yourself up from the inside out. Before you leave for class, you might want to stop at a Starbucks (there’s one in the Union and also on Indiana) or a dining option that sells hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate (Try The Round in Forest!). You can also invest in a travel mug and make your hot drinks in your room and take them to go! You can never go wrong with Swiss Miss powdered hot chocolate and a microwave.

6. Blankets Blankets Blankets

Blankets are the easiest way to warm up after coming home! I personally have about five in my room right now (which is kind of excessive, but what can I say? I get cold!) and having an extra throw blanket or two around might be a good idea. You never know how well the heat will be working on any given day, especially in the dorms. Plus, your roommate may like to keep your room much cooler than you'd like. You can also purchase an electric blanket, which is plugged into the wall and heats itself to provide you with extra warmth. Amazon provides plenty of options!

Stay warm and healthy out there, Hoosiers! 

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