Shopping for College

Let me apologize for not blogging over the summer. Do you forgive me? Yeah you do . I'll continue with stories about my Quarter-life crisis this fall. And boy do I have a lot. I will however like to share with you a video I made about shopping for college. I'll probably have one or two more of "college advice" videos in the next two weeks.

Before I go let me clarify a few things.

1. Sometimes things are on sale. If there's a good deal that probably won't last. Also you don't have to go for the lowest priced items. Sometimes quality matters. 

2. Seriously get a mattress pad. This is the only piece of advice a gave that I really want you to listen to. The dorm mattress are hard. Get a mattress pad. 

3. With toiletries it's a matter of space. Do you really want to waste x amount of space in your car with a box of toiletries?

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