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Crumbs from the Table of Joy, 2012When I was in the seventh grade I cheated on my career aptitude test. After I finished the test it told me I should be some type of social worker. The test was online and the Internet was not as smart as it is today so I was able to go back and change my answers to make sure it said that I would be an actress. I love the theatre. It's been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. I performed in plays and musicals all over the community and in high school. I knew since the seventh grade in careers class that I wanted to major in theatre in college. 

For as long as I could remember, I made up stories. In Kindergarten I remember the first story I wrote, "The Colors of the Rainbow." It was terrible. Each page was written with a different color crayon saying that is was one color in the rainbow. I'm pretty sure I got the colors wrong at the end. The whole indigo and violet thing still confuses me. Anyway I participated in this Young Authors Conference for many years and I loved it. I got to read my stories, hear other stories and meet children's book authors. It was pretty cool. After I got too old to participate, I still wrote stories in my free time for contest and just for funsies.

As you can see I had quite a dilemma. I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in. On one hand I really had a passion for theatre and on the other I was also passionate about writing. I contemplated doubling in Theatre and English. But I wasn't crazy about the idea. The work load would be insane and I'm not a fan of heavy work loads. Also I had no idea what I would do with a degree in Theatre and English. There were so many possibilities yet so little. I wanted to be a writer and an actress. However both career paths are so hard to get into. Would I be making a decent living as an actress/waitress, working comfortably in my home as a writer or living in my parents house still working at the supermarket I worked at in high school. Everything was up in the air.

When I got accepted into IU, I spent hours on the internet looking up course information for the Theatre major and the English Major. All of the Theatre courses excited me when I read the descriptions. Acting classes, costuming, directing, I was thrilled to take part in the wonderful program. Then I checked out the English Courses. I was less than enthused. SO. MANY. LIT CLASSES. Some of them I found interesting, but others not so much. It was just so much reading. I love reading, just not when people tell me to. Also the types of books that were required wasn't for me. I'm a huge advocator of the saying "write what you like to read" and some of those lit classes just wasn't for me. 

I had made my choice.

However, I soon discovered I could minor in Creative Writing. While looking at the course curriculum I discovered that it was more my speed. It didn't require me to take all the lit classes and I could choose whether or not I could concentrate in fiction or poetry. It was just what I needed. So I deiced to minor in Creative Writing. Great decision. 

Still the question remains. What will I do with a degree in theatre and a minor in creative writing? Nothing is set in stone...yet. 

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