Common Courtesy: Bus Edition

The busses. We can either love 'em or hate 'em. Sometimes they're late, crowded and get stuck in construction. There's nothing you can really do about it. But the worst thing about being on a crowded bus is being on a crowded bus with rude people. 

First there's the seat hogger: The seat hogger is someone who purposely blocks the seat next to them. Seat hoggers come in two forms. "The Backpack" and "The Edge Grabber." "The Backpack" is a boy or girl who sits in the window seat, but has their backpack occupy the edge seat. Now sometimes the person realizes that the bus is getting full and moves their backpack so someone can sit. But when another person has to ask you to move your stuff, then you have a problem. The same goes for "The Edge Grabber" it's "The Backpack" in reverse, but instead of a backpack it's their body. 

You: Can you scoot over? (translation: move, you're being rude)

Seat hogger: Sorry (translation: ugh I hate people. I hope they get off soon.)

Another note along the lines of seating is a personal pet peeve of mine. It's really stupid so you can disregard this at any moment. When there is an empty spot with three seats. DON'T SIT IN THE MIDDLE. Again this is a personal pet peeve. Think about it like this. When you're on the bus your main objective is to find a seat. Your secondary objective is to find one where both seats are empty. Don't lie to yourselves. Sometimes you just don't want someone in your personal bubble. You are not alone. When someone sits in the middle of the seats it's they close basically close off two seats instead of one. If the bus is packed and you have to sit next to someone in the middle seat it's just awkward. 

Now if there are no seats left on the bus and there are a ton of people trying to get on, if you are standing in the middle of the aisle please keep moving to the back of the bus. Seriously, I'm not even joking about this. Move. People have places to go. If you are standing in the middle of the aisle and there is plenty of room in the back there is no excuse. 

Then there are a few minor things that should be taken into consideration:

When exiting the bus you have to PUSH THE DOOR. If you're just standing there waiting for the doors to open on your own people will get annoyed with you.

Don't try to enter from the back doors. That's just rude. 

If there are a ton of people about to get on the bus, I don't care how close you are to the front, exit through the back doors. 

All and all the moral of the story is be kind, be respectful and please don't be rude.

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