Academic Assistance & Resources at IU

When you study for a class, have you ever struggled to complete your homework and cannot find the necessary help from your friends? In that case, you definitely need some resources that can help you solve your questions


The No.1 resource is always your instructor’s office hours! 

A few of you out there may really need some extra help, but most of you don’t take advantage of office hours (I know I didn't when I was a freshman.). Some of you may say, “If I cannot learn it during class, why would I go to office hours?” But the truth is, some one-on-one help, or even just small groups working with one instructor or TA, means that not only are your specific questions going to be answered, but the instructor will be there to tell you why, and make sure you understand that question. So come to your instructor’s office hours as it is always the most help resource you can find.

Now you may say, what if the instructor is not available during office hours but I really need some help? There are always plenty of academic assistance and services you can find online!

Here are some resources I found that IU provide to us but you may not know:

  • Academic Support Center (ASC) 855-6931
    Provides free tutoring for various subject matters and is located in Briscoe, Teter, and Forest residence halls.
  • Career Development Center (CDC) 855-5234
    Offers courses and services to assist students in determining academic majors and/or in exploring careers within their chosen major.
  • Student Academic Center (SAC) 855-7313
    Provides free workshops that are open to all students on a variety of skills topics. You need to sign up in advance to attend as many or as few as you wish.
  • Writing Tutorial Services (WTS) 855-6738
    Provides one-on-one assistance with all stages of the writing process. Students can make an appointment or take advantage of walk-in hours.
  • University Information Technology Services (UITS) 855-6789
  • Information Commons, Herman B Wells Library
    Provides technical support 24/7 via phone, chat, e-mail and walk-in, you will find it very helpful with and computing problems you have.
  • Mathematics Learning Center (Swain Hall East 340) 855-5377
    The MLC provides a group tutoring experience: Students are asked to work together with other students taking the math same course. Tutors assist the groups and individual students with their questions by giving hints and guiding students towards the correct solution.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 855-5711
    Assists students who may experience anxiety, family problems, etc.
  • Student Advocates Office 855-0761
    The Student Advocates Office can help you resolve personal and academic problems so that you may maintain progress towards earning a degree.

After all, with all those academic assistance and services you can find at IU, you will do so much better than to struggle on your own.

About The Author
Qingqing DengInformatics Major, Business cognate, 2016