An Eventful Fall

In Bloomington, while we do see four distinct seasons, sometimes the weather can be absolutely unpredictable. For instance, this past week it was pretty chilly and it rained at random times throughout the day.

So you can imagine my happiness when I actually saw the sun today, not for two minutes, but for the whole day. I went out with my friends to watch an IU soccer game. We played against Maryland. It was a fun game and though we didn't win, there were so many times that the crowd was on the edge of their seats.

What really made my day though was seeing Fall in its bloom! IU looks absolutely gorgeous. To see the different colours of autumn leaves and stepping on those really crunchy's the best. It was also nice to see a lot of families down this weekend to watch the game and enjoy the weekend.

To think that only two more months are left for the semester to end is surprising. It's a good feeling though. There is always so much going on, in and around the campus that you'll find it is hard to feel bored. With all the diversity that the campus boosts, you get the opportunity to experience different kinds of cultural events and meet new people from all over. All in all, this has been a good fall so far! I shall leave you with some pictures to enjoy from the game and the campus.

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Pratibha JoshiStudent

I joined IU in Fall 2013 and am currently majoring in EALC (Korean) as well as Political Science. I am interested in learning more about Korean History and Politics. I have also developed an interest in service learning and currently work as the PR Lead in the student organization, Books & Beyond. The organization works to develop, publish and deliver English literature books to children in Rwanda every year. I am also an International Student Ambassador, which is a student organization that along with OIS (Office of International Services) helps potential students learn more about IU and Bloomington. I am an active member in IU's Korean Conversation Club. I am also a blogger for

I hope I can show you all the interesting and exciting experiences you can have at the university and in the Bloomington community.