Tasty Tuesday: The Trojan Horse Review

Everyone knows about the ethnic cuisines on 4th street, but have you heard about The Trojan Horse on Kirkwood and Walnut? The restaurant is an authentic Greek place that is moderately priced, with a variety of dishes including well-known gyros and falafels. It’s a nice place to go to if you need a change of pace. Whenever I go there, I love to get a falafel, which is basically a pita bread wrap containing fried “bullets” made of chick peas, lettuce, and tomatoes, tahini (yogurt and sesame), and onions. Even if you have never had a falafel before, there’s nothing to worry about. The taste is pretty neutral, so you won’t be screaming for water. However if you’re like me and need to eat spicy food, you can definitely ask for some of their pepper mix or the hot sauce. The best part is that it is conveniently located right on the corner of the square. Not only is easy to find, but it’s at a place that you’ll remember. I’ve gotten lost multiple times looking for specific restaurants, but The Trojan Horse is always easy for me to find. At first, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of wood in restaurant, especially in regards to the wooden booths, but that’s why it’s truly unique. For me, the wood creates the atmosphere of ancient times when the Greek built the giant wooden horse. Also, you don’t have to worry about the restaurant being too busy because the restaurant has two floors. Personally, I think this would be a great place to take your family or friends when they come to visit town. If all the reasons I’ve given aren’t enough to get you to check this place out, maybe the “pitas and cream” will convince you. Basically, it’s warm toasted cinnamon pita with homemade baklava ice cream. Whether you’re looking for a place to treat yourself, or just want to go somewhere different, the Trojan Horse won’t disappoint.


Reviewed by Akshay Daga image

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