Tasty Tuesday: Dats on Grant

Looking for a new place to eat in Bloomington? Not only are there ethnic, diverse restaurants on 4th Street, but there are many more such as Dat’s on South Grant Street. Experience Cajun food in a laid back, dim-lighted atmosphere with unlimited soft drinks. Once you walk inside, just walk up to the counter, choose your meal, pay, and receive a tray with a humongous amount of food! I attended Dat’s for the first time in October and ordered the Bourbon Chicken meal with a side of Cajun rice. Although it was a little spicy (common of Cajun food), it was definitely worth the money. My friend and I both ate our meals and had plenty of leftovers for less than $20 for the two meals. I absolutely recommend attending Dat’s and trying one of their many dinner options. Dat’s is open 7 days a week from 11AM until 10PM. You can keep up to date with any new menu options or specials by liking their Facebook page. Have you already attended Dat’s? Comment on our Program Liaison page on what you thought of Dat’s or other restaurants that may not be known to the IU students!

By: Sarah Howell

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