Tasty Tuesday: Dats on Grant Review


Offering a robust menu of cajun cuisine at jaw-droppingly low prices, Dats on Grant is truly a hidden gem of downtown Bloomington. Food selections vary anywhere from etoufee to gumbo with everything in between. Spices abound, but flavor is never lost as I have sampled the Thai peanut etoufee and crawfish gumbo. Service is unbelievably fast due to the nature of cajun food, and typically, the food rests in large, ready-to-serve vats. Expect to spend roughly 6 to 8 dollars depending on what you order, but each entree comes complete with cajun bread and drink. You can also choose to get two halves if you're interested in trying various dishes! Seating is limited as the restaurant is situated within a former residence, but there is still a faint feel of Bourbon Street as beads and bright colors adorn the walls with a soft jazz soundtrack in the background for ambiance. All in all a great experience, GO TO DATS! 

Verdict: 4/5

- Mick Pence

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