Tasty Tuesday: BuffaLouie's at the Gables

BuffaLouie’s is one of Indiana University’s trademark restaurants. Located near the corner of Kirkwood and Indiana in a building known as The Gables, one meal here will surely leave you wanting to return!  In 2011, USA Today selected this as one of the top ten wing joints in the country!  BuffaLouie’s has been around since 1987 when IU student Jay Lieser named the store after his grandfather, Louie Lieser. The business has been a family owned and operated location since the opening.

The staff and employees deserve the Top Ten rating as well. Everyone working is energized, efficient, and happy to be of service to the customers. The owner himself, Ed, does a great job of checking in on his customers, introducing himself to new faces, and building relationships with his customers.

Now for the most important part – the food! BuffaLouie’s has a wide variety of entrée items ranging from traditional and boneless wings to salads, or hot and cold sandwiches. The sides are just excellent! The golden curly fries are a classic choice that surely will not disappoint! Another fan favorite is the cheese bread. With or without the tomatoes, it is sure to be hot and gooey!

You cannot go wrong with either traditional of boneless wings! Both items are cooked to perfection and doused with one of their 17 delicious sauces. No matter if you are looking at sauces simply for a hint of flavor, or if you want your wings to pack a hot kick, there are sauce choices for everyone! The wings are always filled with tender, juicy and hot white meat.

Although they are best known for their wings, BuffaLouie’s does an excellent job with the sandwiches as well. Any choice you make with this menu will undoubtedly be a good one. BuffaLouie’s is a tradition in Bloomington; let it be a tradition of your own.

By: Maggie Reisdorf

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