Tasty Tuesday at IU: Union Street Market Review


Boasting arguably the most desirable RPS living accommodations on campus, Union Street Center is certainly a jewel of IU Bloomington. Finished in 2010, the quad offers not only apartments, but also classrooms, community study rooms, and conference rooms all outfitted with state of the art technology. However, the most popular destination of students is easily the Union Street Market located in Birch Hall, the main building of the quad. Featuring a full salad bar, grocery-store like options for purchase, and their famous sandwich deli, the Market is hard to beat for on-campus dining. Oftentimes the sandwich line will bob and weave all throughout the store as patrons wait impatiently with watering mouths for their food. The deli offers a build-your-own option which allows for any number of sandwich combinations but far and away the most desirable option the deli has to offer is the Django Chicken sandwich. Comprised of chicken breast, chipotle mayo, red peppers, and caramelized onions all compacted together via toaster, the sandwich induces pure ecstasy of the mouth. A new feature added to the deli is the option of breakfast sandwiches ranging from bagel to biscuit sandwiches. That being said, the only area where the Union Street Markets comes up short is service and atmosphere. That’s not to say that the service there is bad, they’re just criminally understaffed so expect a wait for your food. Also, the atmosphere is lacking as that’s not really the point of the market; however, you’ll be sorely disappointed if you were expecting sufficient atmosphere. All in all, at the Union Street Market, you can expect some of the best food on campus, just with a little wait and mild atmosphere.

Rating: 4/5

-Mick Pence

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