Tasty Tuesday at IU: The Irish Lion Review


Erin go bragh! Do you find yourself craving some Irish flair in your cuisine? Are you just curious as to what Irish food is or even tastes like? Or do you just want an excellent culinary experience? If you answered yes to any of those questions, look no further than Bloomington’s own Irish Lion!

Comfortably located in the heart of downtown, next to Crazy Horse, the Irish Lion truly is THE destination for all things Celtic in Bloomington. Boasting the widest whiskey selection in southern Indiana, with over 125 different varieties to choose from, and a varied selection of imported draughts on tap, an authentic pub experience is meant to be had for those of age. However, most of you reading this aren’t of age, so on to the food!

During my visit to the Irish Lion, I opted for the lamb burger, with a side of coddle (traditional Irish stew) and Celtic puff balls. There was really only one word to describe my meal: wow. Honestly, the lamb was some of the best I’ve ever had as it was cooked to perfection and crusted with black pepper corn. The subtle dressings on the burger really accentuated the presence of the meat and elevated it to the utmost flavor. Moving on, the coddle was also intensely delicious, but be warned saturated fats abound! The main ingredient in the stew is heavy cream, so you’ve been warned. Finally the puff balls were an interesting fare as they are essentially fried sheep’s milk that you dip into a type of horseradish sauce. These were also exquisite.

The atmosphere of the Irish Lion is its greatest feature. Wood furnishings span the whole of the restaurant with subtle Celtic music creating ambiance in the background. Service was quick for lunch time, but wasn’t anything amazing. All in all a great experience. Just be prepared to dish out some cash as you can expect to pay anywhere from 14 to 22 dollars a person for a lunch entrée or dinner meal.

 Verdict: image

- Mick Pence image

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