Tasty Tuesday at IU: Noodles & Company Review


To be honest, I think it is just part of being human to enjoy eating carbs – specifically, pasta. Whether it’s plain spaghetti or a fancy Italian dish, pasta is loved by almost everyone. And one of the best places in Bloomington to get pasta is Noodles & Company. It may be a chain restaurant, but that doesn’t change how simply delicious it is.

Located on Kirkwood Avenue right across from Sample Gates, Noodles is a short walk from any on-campus housing. And because it is open late on weekends, it often seems like the best choice you could make at 1am. One of the best parts about Noodles is the variety of dishes that it offers. They have many dishes that are deemed “Asian” or “Mediteranean”, and they also have plain Macaroni and Cheese – which by the way is amazing and is absolutely my favorite item on the menu. There are also meat options that you can choose to add to your pasta dish if you wish. Noodles also offers some sandwiches and soups, so you can really get a full meal if you like.

With decent prices that will run you anywhere from $6-$10, there is almost nothing to complain about. A dish from Noodles will absolutely fill anyone up, even the most hungry of starving college students. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with helpful employees that check in to see if you need anything while you’re enjoy your meal. And another great part about Noodles – they deliver. Check out this amazing restaurant and get your pasta fix soon!

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