Tasty Tuesday at IU: Anatolia Turkish Restaurant and Kebab House Review

Located on Bloomington’s infamous Fourth Street, Anatolia Turkish Restaurant & Kebab House is fairly unassuming. It doesn’t call attention to itself on the corner of 4th and Grant, but once you approach the restaurant and walk inside, you will quickly realize that this ethnic restaurant is not like many others. With quiet, peaceful Middle Eastern music playing in the background, the atmosphere of Anatolia is calm and pensive. Servers bring you sweet-tasting bread and warm tea as soon as you sit down, which immediately makes you feel relaxed and taken care of. The menu itself is fairly expansive has something for everyone – whether you are interested in delving deep into Turkish cuisine or not, you will be able to choose something you enjoy.

Although waiting for your meal may take a bit, the time is well worth it. You are comforted by constant bread and tea while you wait for our meal to be prepared. Once your meal does come, I can almost guarantee you will be instantly satisfied. All of the food is prepared impeccably and tastes absolutely delicious. Both times I ate at Anatolia, I ordered the Chicken and Cheese Pide, which is a delicious dish that combines bread, cheese, chicken, and spices. The flavor of the dish is outstanding. Because of the delicious bread that is served at the beginning of the meal, I have always had leftovers to take home with me and enjoy later in the day.

The price of a dish at Anatolia is fairly moderate. My bill, with tip, generally comes to approximately $7 - $10 dollars. For the amount of food you get (entrée, bread, and tea), the price is well worth it.

Make sure you check it out! This restaurant is not one to be missed.

Rating: 4.5/5

-Abby Melvin

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