Great Places for coffee and more at IUB

When I was a new student, the first thing I want to explore on campus is coffee shops since I like to hang out with friends at this kind of cozy places. Also, the coffee shop is one of the best places for some people to study. Obviously, it seems coffee is a key word of college life especially when exams are coming. So it should not be surprising if I tell you there are a lot of options for everyone to buy a cup of coffee on campus. Moreover, for coffee haters, there are also a lot more beverages we can enjoy without caffeine.

Starbucks seems to be a safe choice for many people. There are a couple of counters of Starbucks on campus including one in the basement of the main library and one in McNutt center. Besides, a larger Starbucks store is located on Indiana Avenue (near Sample Gates). This one is my favorite since it is really comfortable and its interior design is bright and classical, not to mention it is really close to the famous and delicious 4th Street. In addition, for shoppers, there is another Starbucks near the College Mall area (besides Best Buy).

If you want to use your meal plan to buy drinks, RPS Café at the Library could be the best choice. In addition to a lot of beverages, they also provide sandwiches, bagels and fruit cups. There are more RPS cafés in different residential centers as well.

There is another great coffee shop on 10th Street, right beside the Korean restaurant: Sobon. It is famous for the good environment and its bubble tea (a popular Asian drink). You can pick some deserts there too. This place usually become even more popular before the exams are coming because it is just suitable for group review or group study.

Finally, I want to recommend a Chinese restaurant on Indiana Ave and 3rd Street called Chow Bar. Food there is cooked in a traditional Chinese style and it has a lot of drink options too. You can try different soft drinks and beverages from China, Korea and other parts of Asia at a decent price.

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