A Complete Freshman’s Guide at IU: The Health Center

One of the greatest resources on campus is the IU Health Center, located at 10th Street and Jordan Avenue. Many students haven’t been to the Health Center, either because they haven’t yet gotten sick or because they don’t know what the Health Center offers. As a part of being a full-time student, you’ve paid a Health Fee that entitles you to discounted care or prepaid services. Here’s your guide to what’s at the Health Center:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)—You may have seen posters for CAPS around campus. Located on the fourth floor of the Health Center, this counseling service is a great way to talk to a neutral source about stress, problems, or mental health challenges you might be having.  You have already paid, as part of your Health Fee, for two sessions each semester. These confidential sessions shouldn’t be viewed as a last ditch effort—you can go for even the most basic problems. To make an appointment with a professional therapist, you can call CAPS at (812) 855-7688.

Women’s ClinicLadies, your health fee gets you free consultations with women’s health doctors or nurse practitioners at no cost. If you’ve never gotten a women’s health check before, this is a good opportunity to do so. 

Health and Wellness CheckYou’ve also paid for one appointment with a nutritionist per semester, and information about quitting smoking, contraception information, and more. If you go inside the Health Center, there’s lots of information pamphlets you can take confidentially. 

PharmacyOn the second floor, there is a full-service pharmacy. This is a convenient place to get prescriptions, and it is the same cost as a grocery store pharmacy. Also, you can bill your prescription costs to the Bursar, which makes it easy to take care of your medical costs. 

Take time to go and walk through the Health Center sometime soon—you want to have a good idea of it before you’re sick and have to go. There are a lot of great resources there that you’ve already paid for, so check it out!  You can find out more information at the Health Center’s website.

-Molly Zweig 

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