The Must Do List for Fall Semester Freshman Year

Hey guys! These are just a few of my suggestions to make your fall semester great! Whether you do one of these activities, all, or none, take it all in, explore, enjoy, and celebrate the fact that you now live in one of the coolest places on Earth!

1) Connect with a professor in office hours—they’re there to help you, so why not go? Don’t wait until the week before finals week to ask for help!

2) Join a club, intramural sport, professional society, or other activity

3) Go to and IU sporting event

4) Explore Bloomington

-- on a weekend morning

-- at sunset

-- under the autumn leaves

5) Pick up a hobby/set a time for you to do what you love each week

6) Find your new favorite ethnic food

7) Play in the rain (and find the best puddles on campus)

8) Attend a

-- community event

-- campus event

-- residential  (dorm, apartment, neighborhood, etc) event

9) Take pictures of the leaves turning

10) Go to the Farmer’s Market

11) Find a place to study outside

12) Find your favorite coffee or ice cream place in Btown

13) Star gaze

14) Eat a pumpkin bagel from Bloomington Bagel Company (and pumpkin schmear!)

15) Make Labor Day plans (the Fourth Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts is that weekend!)



About The Author
Kaylee DolenEnvironmental Management with Spanish and Latino Studies ~ Class of 2015

Jubilee College Ministries and First United Methodist Church, Amnesty International, Invisible Children, Global Village LLC

people person. tree hugger. activist. foodie. dinosaur. 

have a lovely day!