The Five Things No One Tells You About Moving Out And Freshman Year

I feel like I should've seen this coming.

1) You spend a lot more money than you'd ever expect-- Do you know how much laundry detergent costs?!  You'd better start a plan to budget yourself in college, or else you'll wind up like me and wonder how you're going to afford Christmas presents once the end of first semester rolls around.

2) You miss your family way more than you imagine-- No one ever seems to talk about this, but it's one of those unspoken truths. It's the little things. It's a special dinner. It's missing out on your family vacation for the first time ever. It's realizing that you don't even remember what your room at home looks like or if you'll still have clean clothes there in your dresser when you go back. It's sitting around watching TV together. It's even arguing and cleaning and making fun of each other. It's Easter in your dorm room.

3) You can invest time in creating your own traditions-- At this new point in your life, it's perfectly okay to eat spaghetti for breakfast, go on your own spring break trip, spend holidays with friends, and go out for a weekly fancy lunch or a solitary bike ride.

4) You still have to clean-- that is, unless, of course, you never want anyone to visit you.

5) You're probably not going to use all of the things you buy-- like I would even dare use my measuring cups (and then have to wash them...) when I can just become an expert at estimating.

Good and bad, I love it all.

I hope you will too.


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Kaylee DolenEnvironmental Management with Spanish and Latino Studies ~ Class of 2015

Jubilee College Ministries and First United Methodist Church, Amnesty International, Invisible Children, Global Village LLC

people person. tree hugger. activist. foodie. dinosaur. 

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