That Pit in Your Stomach

Sometimes we all get that feeling...

...that sinking, ten feet from reality, sit-down-because-the-ground-is-spinning feeling...

and yep, it pretty much sucks. rejection.

Whether it be rejection from a college, a job, a friend, or a love interest, rejection is never easy. Granted, sometimes it can even alter life plans. You may be like me. Maybe you dreamed all your life of going to a school in some far away fairytale land with magical towering castles and quirky Hogwarts professors and purple and gold firework-sunsets each night. Maybe you thought you'd be on the first plane out of the Midwest. I sure did.

Then again, I thought a lot of things a year ago that I don't particularly believe now. And that's just part of growing up.

In the end, I didn't go to my mystical made-up paradise of a college. But I realize now that I got the better end of the deal. I got reality. Oftentimes, people go into their freshman year of college thinking that they know exactly what they want and know exactly how they're going to get it. But trust me, no amount of surfing the internet is going to prepare you for all of the things you'll learn your first year in college.

I was born and raised here in Indiana, and now I'm attending the university here too. And that's ok. You know why? Because I didn't build IU up to be a place where Willy Wonka leads you down chocolate cobblestone streets or where parties and dating are exactly like they are in the movies. And I'm glad I didn't. You can't come into college with an inflexible, ideal vision of exaclty how things will/should be. You should have expectations, desires, goals, standards, etc. But you can't build something up to the point where it becomes unrealistic. After all, we're paying an arm and probably both legs to go to college, and you can't buy a fairytale with your tuition money.

But that's why you make one. It's ok if you get rejected from schools. It's ok if you get rejected by programs, jobs, or scholarships. It's ok if you get rejected by a snotty old high school friend. It's ok if you don't find the girl or guy of your dreams on day one. Most of us have to go through a couple of duds first.

Rejection allows us to reevaluate, replan, refocus, and grow. It sets us up even after a harsh fall, because even after rejection, life keeps chugging along. Don't fall behind. If rejection knocks you down, take a new direction, and keep up the pace. After all, you've still got your dreams.

So, IU isn't your first pick? Didn't get direct admit to Kelley? Got broken up with by your high school sweetheart? Couldn't nab that merit-based money?

You're a talented kid. You've got options. So, go out there and weave a new piece of the patchwork.

Ciao for now,


P.S.- If none of this helps, here are a few things I do when I'm feeling the heat of rejection

1) eat ice cream

2) listen to Morgan Freeman's voice

3) make a list of what I'm thankful for in my life

4) go love on some cats or dogs

5) go for a walk with no music...just the Earth's natural soundtrack

About The Author
Kaylee DolenEnvironmental Management with Spanish and Latino Studies ~ Class of 2015

Jubilee College Ministries and First United Methodist Church, Amnesty International, Invisible Children, Global Village LLC

people person. tree hugger. activist. foodie. dinosaur. 

have a lovely day!