Personal Spring Cleaning: How to Refocus this Spring

Unable to focus on schoolwork after midterms? Feeling overwhlemed? Lacking energy? Or inspiration?

I kind of am too.

So this spring, I'm doing a little cleaning. In order to help me refocus on my priorities and to better take care of myself, other people, and my dreams, I'm clearing out some of the clutter in my life. Here's what I'm challening myself to do-- join me in some personal spring cleaning!

This spring (starting March 1st)...

1) I will take time to focus on physical strength. I will do a physical actvity that I love at least three times a week, and at least one of those activities will be outside. 

2) I will have a sustainable wardrobe. I vow to purchase no new clothes. I will swap the old, donate the unwanted, and only buy the used. 

3) I will not wear any makeup... not for any occasion or any person. I will care more about that way I carry myself than what I look like. 

Me with makeup...

...and me without makeup

Me without makeup

4) I will work passionately for what I feel passionately about -- Feel passionately about the IU school merger? Violence against women? Youth programs? Homelessness? You believe in something, I know it-- so show others you're ready to do something about it.

Here's one of my causes--

5) I will learn to say "no" to some things so that I can make more time for myself and my relationships with people in my life. 

6) I will do something that I've always wanted to do but have never had the time for (see #5)... maybe finally knitting that pair of fuzzy socks...

7) I will read a book that I actually want to read that is not assigned on a class syllabus.

8) I will clean out my room and get rid of the things I do not need...and I will try my best to keep my room organized from there on out. 

9) I will find new places where I can hang out, study, and just relax. 

10) I will get up fifteen minutes earlier so that I can start my day relaxed and not in a rush. I will enjoy the views as I walk from class to class, not just breeze by them.

11) I will take advantage of what this community has to offer!

Happy (almost spring); I can't think of a better place to ring in the spring than at Indiana University.

About The Author
Kaylee DolenEnvironmental Management with Spanish and Latino Studies ~ Class of 2015

Jubilee College Ministries and First United Methodist Church, Amnesty International, Invisible Children, Global Village LLC

people person. tree hugger. activist. foodie. dinosaur. 

have a lovely day!