Packing for Freshman Year: Five Underestimated Must-Haves

There's something special about picking out your bedspread or coordinating your decor with that of your roommate's. Even if we don't realize it at first, shopping, packing, and making our dorm rooms our own is an important part of forming our new lifestyles at college. 

That being said, there are a few must-have items that cannot be overlooked when getting ready for move-in day. 

The 5 Most Underestimated Must-Haves

1) A gym bag. If you're planning on working out or taking an athletic elective course during the day, I challenge you to fit all of your books and normal scholastic items in your backpack along with a change of clothes, gym shoes, and all the stuff you need in case you shower. Plus, do you really want to carry around sweaty gym clothes in your backpack all day? A small drawstring bag or beach-like tote works well to remedy this situation. If you plan on showering at the gym often, it's also a good idea to invest in some travel-sized shampoo, shower gel, deoderant, and etc. 

2) Rain boots and a long rain coat. Before I went to college, I never considered buying rain boots, but then I realized that I never really had to walk outside that much in high school. Rain boots are a wise choice, particularly quality ones, because I went through two pairs this past year. As far as a rain coat goes, unless you fancy wet jeans, it's best to pick a coat that falls to your knees. You could also look for a coat that is lined in order to combat cold rain and go with a unlined coat for warmer days. 

3) Snacks and a reusable water bottle. Expect to have mornings where you have only ten minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast, and make it to class on time. Expect to have classes back-to-back with no real break or classes during meal times. Expect to get hungry staying up until 3 am studying or socializing. These are all great reasons to keep snacks in your room, as well to keep a reusable water bottle at hand-- not to mention it's more eco-friendly and cheaper than buying individual water bottles and snacks each day! 

4) Good walking shoes. As you know, IU is beautiful at every turn. It is also an extrememly large campus, so break in your shoes before you get here. 

5) A planner/calendar. In college, professors may or may not remind you about due dates for assignments, specific instructions, and the like, so having a planner is a smart choice in order to jot down notes throughout the day. As you meet more people, join more clubs, and get more involved in the community, you'll need a space to keep everything in order.

Happy packing!

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