Organizing Your Life at School-- How to Manage a Hectic Schedule

Hey guys! It can be quite a challenge balancing work, school, friends, and student activities, especially during the beginning of something as new as college. As a fellow student with a very hectic schedule, I've jotted down a few tips here that I myself use to keep my life a bit more organized-- maybe they can help you out as well! 

1) Keep a calendar in your room as well as a small calendar/planner in your purse, backpack, or in your phone. This way, when something comes up in class, when out with friends, or out in the community, you can transfer the event from your small calendar to the one in your room without missing a beat-- and without forgetting anything. Having a calendar with you at all times makes it much easier to plan events, keep track of due dates, and coordinate those group projects.

2) Color code your stuff for class-- pair binders and notebooks of the same color or design with each other in order to minimize supply confusion. If you're headed out the door quickly, it's much easier to remember that all you need to do is grab everything green for that one specific class than it is to rifle through all of your folders.

3) Going along with that, set aside time to get your backpack ready--  that way you're not rushed and forget things. 

4) Put scarves, tights, mittens, hats, tall socks, umbrellas, raincoats, and other accessories more out in the open so that you don't forget to grab them on those early morning walks to class. 

5) Put sticky hooks on the back of your door to hang coats, purses, and backpacks-- your last stop before heading out that door.

6) Instead of rushing to a dining hall or not knowing if you'll have time to eat lunch, pack a small, multiple part lunch in tupperware containers or a lunchbox-- a sandwich, pitas and hummus, fruit, veggies and ranch, trail mix, yogurt and granola, and more will work well! If you don't have time to eat the meal all at once, you can snack on the options one by one or even eat while on-the-go. 

7) Keep two sticky notes on your desk at all times-- places to be and things to do. Update them each night for the following day's plans, and then put them on the front of your planner/travel calendar to make sure they don't slip your mind!

8) Schedule meetings, hang outs, and even classes close together-- when you have an hour in between classes or twenty minutes in between meetings, you're less likely to buckle down and get work done knowng that you'll be heading to your next activity soon. By scheduling events close together, you save those minutes and can compile them into a few solid hours of actual, motivated work time. 

About The Author
Kaylee DolenEnvironmental Management with Spanish and Latino Studies ~ Class of 2015

Jubilee College Ministries and First United Methodist Church, Amnesty International, Invisible Children, Global Village LLC

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