KONY 2012 took Indiana University by storm in the spring. Our Invisible Children group on campus had lines of people flocking to our meetings in Kelley, people were joining our email list by the dozens, and organizations around campus were ready and willing to partner with us in covering the night. But after a few weeks, all of that fell away and we found ourselves back to square one. 

I know what you might be thinking-- 

Q: KONY 2012-- that was in MARCH, so why is it relevant now?

A: The LRA is still moving. Kony hasn't been captured. 

From January to June 2012, there were 190 attacks, 38 killings, and 311 abductions by the LRA. Kony abducted over 30,000 children in Uganda from 1987-2006, has left 440,000 people currently displaced in the wake of his violence, and has been in power for an unbelievable 26 years (all of these figures come directly from official Invisible Children literature).

2) Q: Isn't Invisible Children a scam?

A: Watch the new film 

MOVE, and see for yourself-- Invisible Children stands for ending LRA violence, not pocketing funds or gaining international fame. 


If we do not MOVE forward, Kony will. 

On November 17th, thousands of us will roadtrip to Washington DC to confront world leaders, asking them to keep their word and make good on promises to bring one of the worst criminals in history to justice. 

We will rally around a global summit of leaders. We will march to the White House and surround it with our strength and solidarity in ending Kony's reign of violence. We will stand in community with our brothers and sisters across the world. 

Activism is not a fad. It's not the newest iPhone or a code you can scan. It's not an app you can download, a problem you can talk your way out of, or an issue that will just go away when you turn off the news. Over 145 people shared my story about Huong and Trung back in September, and that's a great first step. 

BUT my challenge to you is this-- 1) continue to share THIS story about KONY 2012 and Huong and Trung's story (/blog/part-of-the-patchwork/imagine-if-i-went-to-jail-for-writing-this) and 2) GO AND DO SOMETHING-- come to an Amnesty International or Invisible Children meeting, share these stories (and not just the clicking kind of sharing) with family at Thanksgiving, write a letter, make a  t-shirt, attend an event, change your research paper topic, donate, question, call, get creative, and don't forget about these people and all of those who suffer human rights abuses. 

Here's an easy first step-- go to and message world leaders to bring them to DC for MOVE--> and while you're there, learn more about the conflict and what's happened since March. If you want to get something done, you have to



We are still comittted to helping LRA-effected regions. Are you? Is KONY 2012 really about a film, who makes it, and how many times it's viewed? Or is it about the voices left out of the film reel?

Invisible Children at IU club members with IC roadies at a screening on 10/30

IC roadies and members of Invisible Children at Indiana University raise awareness at their screening of MOVE on 10/30 (photo credit: Shelby Mullin)

For more information, check out and (IC at IU Facebook group page)

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