Alternatives to Rushing: What If Greek Life Isn't for You?

Hi, I'm Kaylee. I am one of the (majority of) IU students who isn't involved in Greek life.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be involved in Greek life-- like every student organization, it has its pros and cons. Fraternities and sororities may be where you fit, but then again, maybe they aren't. As the fall and winter roll in, here are some thoughts to mull over. 

The main point: I think a lot of students worry that if they don't get involved with Greek life, they won't have any social life, but that's not true. There are pletny of ways to be a part of a community without going Greek. Here are just a few of the many--

1) Live in an LLC-- Living learning communities (LLCs) tailor group events, clubs, resources, and even trips to fit a certain interest. LLC interests range from global issues to media to exercise to business. LLCs give you the change to live with people in a small(er) community setting, similar to that of a Greek house, yet in an LLC, students have a strong shared interest in common. There are LLCs in each neighborhood of campus, and many offer services to their students that not all students have access to, such as special events, guidance from staff, educational materials, networking, and more.

My LLC, the Global Village, funds all kinds of international events such as ethnic food dinners, guest speaker, language and religion lessons, volunteer opportunities, political discussions, international holiday celebrations, and even trips to places like local state parks, Southern Indiana, and Chicago.

This is my best friend Alli and I at Chinatown in Chicago last February-- We got to explore all kinds of ethnic neighborhoods on our three day trip to Chicago!

Photo cred: Alli Brachmann 

This quiz can give you an idea of what LLC you might enjoy living in--

2) Take on a leadership role in an organization-- Sure, being part of any organization is being part of a community, but taking on a leadership role within an organization even further commits you to the community. On campus, there are a multitude of organizations to join-- or you can create your own! Visit myinvolvement for more information--

This is me and some of my friends from Jubilee College Ministries. Last year I got involved with Jubilee as a regular attendee, and this year, I'm an intern; this week I went to Atlanta as part of my internship! Pictured here are some of my Jubilee friends and I eating at the Village Deli.

3) Become an RA/CUE-- As an RA or CUE, not only will you be a part of a dorm community, but also a part of a floor community and the community of RAs themselves. RAs get to meet lots of new people, plan interactive events, become involved on campus, and earn a stipend for their work. 

4) Volunteer-- Something that Greek life focuses on is volunteer work. If you want to do the same, there's nothing that says you can't gather up some friends and make volunteering a weekly or monthly tradition! Here is a link to my previous blog article on volunteer opportunities in Bloomington--


5) Move off campus-- This seems like a no brainer, but if you're longing for the independence of not living in a dorm, move off campus! Pick some friends, pick a neighborhood, and get looking NOW, because the good locations go fast. 



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Kaylee DolenEnvironmental Management with Spanish and Latino Studies ~ Class of 2015

Jubilee College Ministries and First United Methodist Church, Amnesty International, Invisible Children, Global Village LLC

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