4 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With IU

1. The beautiful and scenic campus

Ranked 15th out of 50 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the US, you will never get tired of its beauty. Ever.

2. Ever heard of the Kelley School of Business?

Thinking of applying to business school? Oh well, Kelley School of Business might just be the one for you! Ranked 1st under Bloomberg BusinessWeek for Student Qualities by Recruiter, and ranked 8th for Undergraduate Business School Program. Now, who's up for Kelley?!


3. The Super Cozy Wells Library

Need a comfortable place to do your revision with friends? Well, Wells Library has got it covered for you! Wells Library offers you plenty of personal study rooms equipped with television and sound system that allow you to project your works and share it with your group members. Now, group work and group meeting are made less difficult with the Wells Library!

4. The Spectacular IU Auditorium

Watch theater events with a whole new experience at IU Auditorium.

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