The Spirit of Hoosier Nation

As I think back on where I was a year ago at this time, I couldn't even imagine where I would end up at college. I spent days and nights agonizing over where the perfect place would be for me and I am so excited to tell you that I found the absolute perfect home at Indiana University. 

I've only been here for a few weeks and already it feels like I've always been a part of Hoosier Nation. From the very start of Welcome Week, there have been so many opportunities and amazing experiences. I attended Culture Fest and tasted food from restaurants around Bloomington, listened to slam poetry, and bonded with the girls on my Floor. Then at Spirits and Traditions, I screamed all of the words to "This is Indiana" right beside all the other freshman and was hit with such a sense of community that I knew this was exactly the place where I belonged.

The next week I started classes. After Orientation, I went home excited to start my classes but I never could have imagined how interesting each one would be and how different from anything I was ever able to take in high school. It is so refreshing to wake up and actually be excited to attend class because you are taking courses that are related directly to what you are interested in. My classes range from Business classes to a class about King Arthur and even one about Greek Mythology. The professors are so full of knowledge and it is incredible to be able to take so many different types of courses. 

Though there are many other aspects to why the last three weeks at this school already have me in love with IU, the biggest factor is the people I have met. The picture below is one from last weeks football game (we're showing our hoosier spirit and we got to sit in the fourth row! So cool!). Everyone I have met has stories to share and just as much love for this school as I do. Every time I walk around campus I am blown away by how many Indiana t-shirts I see and how much spirit is evident from the students. It is so obvious that everyone who goes here loves this school, and that is exactly what I wanted from my college: to go to a place where the love of the school is infectious, everyone is a family, and there are a million opportunities to be had.

Whether it's learning about who you are in the Kelley Compass, eating late night Pizza X with your floor mates, attending a call out meeting for a club, or showing your IU spirit at the football game, the Spirit of Hoosier Nation is palpable at every moment and I can't wait to experience more and more of it.

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About The Author
Nikki NaimanClass of 2017. Studying Business. Blogger for We Are IU

Hi everyone! 

My name is Nikki, I'm originally from Colorado, and I love to write and take photographs. 

I am a proud member of the Class of 2017 and am planning on majoring in Business. IU has already presented to me several incredible opportunities and I am excited to share my experiences with you.