The Continual Magic of IU

Everyday I'm amazed that my love for IU can grow more. You know you go to the right college when you wake up every single morning and are still in love with your school. It's that feeling you get when you walk around campus and are in complete awe of the beauty, how you look forward to going to classes because they're interesting and captivating, and how seeing your friends around campus makes your days even better.

I was very lucky to have so many close friends in my building my freshman year. I think we were all a little worried that when we all moved into different places for sophomore year, our friendship wouldn't be as strong. However, what I have realized everyday this year is that the friendships that I have made with the people I've met can outlast anything, and for that I am very thankful.

What I think is particularly cool is that I am incredibly close with several girls who are not in my sorority; in fact I think that makes us even closer. We don't get to be together all the time, and that makes the time we do get to spend together really special. Even though our schedules are opposite in every way, we make it a point to see each other at least once a day, and if we can't, we text most of the day. 

That's the magic of IU. The community is so strong and your friends come from all over campus, not from just one spot. It's so cool to have friends from freshman year that you see everyday, sisters in your sorority, and friends from every other corner of campus that you get to see all the time. Coming from a tiny high school, I was nervous about going to such a big college. But IU is phenomenal in the way that you see people you know all over campus, and that makes a big school feel small because the Midwest spirit is alive and well and the community is strong. 

I love this school, the opportunities its given me, and the people I've met so far. Everyday, I can't wait to keep finding more ways that IU is incredible. 

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Nikki NaimanClass of 2017. Studying Business. Blogger for We Are IU

Hi everyone! 

My name is Nikki, I'm originally from Colorado, and I love to write and take photographs. 

I am a proud member of the Class of 2017 and am planning on majoring in Business. IU has already presented to me several incredible opportunities and I am excited to share my experiences with you.